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Recent Updates: new Web Design coming soon. New DigiPAD and OpenLaunch features. Will port as many as viable to OpenLaunch.

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Novation Circuit to Launchpad Pro MIDI connect with stereo aux cable

Super simple, but I couldn’t find confirmation of this anywhere:

Looking at the MIDI breakout cables for both the Novation Circuit and the Novation Launchpad Pro, you will notice: they look exactly like 3.5mm stereo cables, also referred to as AUX Cables for sending audio from one thing to another. Then they go to 5 PIN MIDI DIN.

This just seems obvious, but also I was worried that maybe some weird adaption happens in those cables. However, I tested it, and it works! So you can connect the Circuit to the Launchpad Pro with just an AUX 3.5mm Stereo Cable and you can save the midi cable in this case. MIDI In from one to MIDI Out on the other. It works great!

Again, sorry if this was already covered ages ago in some forum or social media, but having this article out there to confirm this may help others to be able to search for this answer quicker.

Gear and Open Source

I’ve been active on social media with all of this, but forgot to update this site for a while.

Quick update: Lot’s of new gear courtesy of selling some old gear that was worth a lot but just sitting around.

Got the Digitone, PreenFM2, Boog, Circuit, and Drumbrute Impact. Super excited and am making a lot with them and its changed my live performance craft.

Launchpad Pro custom firmware is moving to an open source version. Digipad will still continue to develop but more new stuff will be in the open source as the coding pattern is better.

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DigiPAD announcement and news.

The first official release of my Launchpad Pro work is out. V0.3 representing that the growth from community ideas and funding will get it to the V1.0 release.

What is it (in purpose and focus)?

If you have a Launchpad Pro, chances are you got it to work with Ableton Live. However, when I saw that it could be programmed I thought how it could be a great evolving instrument: Able to control multiple instruments at the same time! Lights to help denote different virtual instruments and control surfaces. So what Digipad is: The Launchpad Pro for Musicians. Probably musicians that verge into the producer realm, but it is for those wanting to play more of the music – and still trigger some other parts.

Who is it for?

Everyone (every musician/producer)! As I was building it, it was for Hardware(synth)Producers and Musicians. But now that I’m less heads-down on building it, I listened to comments and then used it with Ableton and the iPad and found wonderful performance options there too. If you really like the standard Session Mode on the LPP then the factory firmware is better for that. However, if you’d like to play Ableton more like an awesome multi-instrument, then try DigiPAD.

DigiPAD was really designed for Elektron Digitakt and Hardware Synths. So if you have any of those, you must try DigiPAD! It will exceptionally revolutionize your playing and workflow with these devices. It has modes specifically designed to work with Digitakt, and a special feature called PolyFORK to split multiple notes to multiple midi channels and effectively give Digitakt polyphony (must use multiple tracks with same sound to do this, but very easy to do). PolyFORK could also be great for using 4 mono-synths together in a unique way.

Some of the unique layouts in DigiPAD allow for new ways of playing multiple sounds (timbres) at the same time, and in more fluid ways.

I’ve made a good deal of videos about it, so check the YouTube channel


DigiPAD Feature Walkthru Guide

Groove Rider iPad App: Video and Soundset Sharing

Just released a new video about my favorite iPad music app: Groove Rider GR-16. Also, started a new page here where I share some great “presets” or “soundsets” at Groove Rider Soundsets


Shooting this video also inspired me to get better stands and tripods, so that will be a future improvement to video production.

Video: Blofeld Digitakt Jam FM power

Just Released, new YouTube video. A sequence on the Digitakt using MIDI Tracks going into Blofeld highlighting FM tones and other Sequencer-centric patches. These tones are amazing! Mostly presets from Blofeld Factory under category “Seq” !! I have fine tuned some a bit and created a few new ones.

Advice for setting up Blofeld Multimode or any multitimbral synth for use with Digitakt: Try to always put (for example) the Bass on Midi Track 2, A Lead Synth on Midi Track 1, a Pad on Track 3, etc. (you make your own standard but follow it!) Then you can take one sequence on the Digitakt, and change the MultiMode Set on the Blofeld and it will still sound good. Not only will it sound good, but you’ll be able to morph your song while keeping the basic elements the same.

Next thing: as you see me doing, you can change the midi channel destination on the Digitakt LIVE to switch tones. So many cool options!

Also: This was just the mic on the video camera. Quick video. The sounds from the Blofeld and Digitakt are both extremely powerful. Even with just this “poor” mic, you can hear the crisp FM punch and sharp character that the Blofeld is delivering. I hope this will be a head turner.

While the Blofeld is not the Digitone, it has some super powers in FM land that you may not realize. Maybe you do. My goal is to learn the Blofeld fully before getting the Digitone. Blofeld does not have FM Algorithms, but it has flexibility in another way… each oscillator can choose an FM source and not just other oscillators… they can be LFOs, Envelopes, Noise, and a few more. Plus, filters can have FM sources too! That is just nuts! It’s a lot of power.

New Song: Memory Tap

Please enjoy a new song I’ve just ‘published’, Memory Tap. A song I’ve worked on for a while – this is just one early (demo) version. It has more guitar rock feel, which I love too, and may incorporate into the future versions. However, I will probably be switching out some of the synth layers and drums to be more like the current incarnation.

Also, I made a quick art icon for this to illustrate the message a little.

This song is about losing your memory, so think about anyone you’ve ever known who forgot who they were. Its a very emotional topic, and one that is not brought up much in song or media. Please share and connect this song to causes that would benefit from having a theme song.

Aftertouch Fixed!

Short post: very excited! Just solved the problem that was stopping channel aftertouch from working. It will be cool to hear this in action. UPDATE 2019: On OpenLaunch now it has 4 different modes of operation - super helpful to all musicians!

New Modes of Launchpad Custom created

Still growing and developing more options for the Launchpad Pro. I’m viewing this as a real instrument with lots of playing styles. As such, I am trying many other virtual instruments, real instruments, and apps with instrument-like interfaces.

From this I am learning: I have a lot of cool advanced multi-timbral options, and what is also very helpful is basic playing in scales with fine-tuning and custom crafting to make them better than just “Scale Mode” from the factory.

What does this equal today?

One of my favorite ‘jams’ on Groove Rider is the Blues Scale! Even though its on a tablet screen, it works because I can slide right from note to note on the screen. So while we don’t get that with the buttons/pads on the LPP, it works in a great playable way… more resistance, pressure, tactile response. Another reality with the blues scale is there are 6 notes in it plus the octave = 7 per row. Leaving… a column of buttons for something else. What did that become? The 8th Column is going to be a coarse Mod Wheel!!! I’ve tested it and it works well.

launchpad pro blues mode

A tribute to the color blue! Haha… I may design it more in the future but it will do for now.

So we now have a blues mode for jamming with the b5 note. Contact me on Twitter if you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the exclusive custom firmware.

Other improvements:

More News coming soon